«A solution for each product, a product for each solution»

At Gaypa, we work to obtain the desired color in every possible application: the ever changing challenges set by our customers are our drive; every formulation of the same target recalled from different perspectives is the basic principle; characterizing every single material and setting precise standards for every type of process, are the final result. Through this continuous activity, we move toward a global approach in the management of the product. It does not matter where the raw materials are assembled: thanks to strategic partnerships with other partners or with our own sites, we are always able to guarantee consistency and high quality, in addition to an efficient technical support.


«The colors, like the facial profile, show the changing in the feelings»

In our society, color has a fundamental role for their social, psychological and cultural implications. It’s a world of symbols, universally recognized, that set itself as an hermetic language, by many and linked meanings. Thus, it gives complete freedom to expression and real possibility of suggestion to the perceiver. Our Mission is just this: thanks to our knowhow and competence, we want our customer to feel free to ask anything; we want to help him to find the most fitting color for the message he wants to mark his products with; then, we want to be a valid support, during and after the implementation of his project.