Our tailor-made philosophy is extended also to additivated masterbatches. One-Pack line is precisely a vertical solution that confers the right colour to your polymer and exalts the performances to your final product, at the same time.
The additives that we propose are incorporated in our coloured masterbatches and work synergistically with the colorant substances contained in them. Gaypa technologies, in particular the use of monobatches and the adoption of chemical free techniques, enabled us to create more variants of the same colour, using different packets of additives.
In this way, we can work without avoiding the risk of decreasing the performances of the product, as instead it can happen with the presence of waxes or of exogenous dispersants.
Combinations of antioxidants and antiUV for durable goods, antistatics and surface additives, nucleating and anti-warping agents, are just a small part of your needs for a product; you don't have to be worried to dose every single additive, because they are already contained in the same masterbatch.