Monobatches are colouristic bases, composed of a single pigment, that permit to virtually create any colour. They are extremely concentrated products and they can be used on the different resins. This grants the total compatibility with the final application.

For years, masterbatches and compound producers consider monobatches an efficient alternative to pure pigments. Actually monobatches are neither powdery nor dirty. Their colour strength is constant over time, and the risks of correction are reduced. Their grade of the dispersion makes them usable both for moulding and films and fibres extrusion.

Monobatches allow to colour opaque or additivated polymers (talc polymers, fibres, glass, calcium carbonate etc.). So in this way you can reach your expected tone without overdosing the final product and you can drastically reduce the production costs. For accurate “fine tuning” an entire range of nuances, that are more diluted monobatches easier to dose, is available.