Gaypa has been founded in 1972 and its name recalls those of the two founders, Gaiani and Parolin.

The original idea to get specialized in plastic coloring has its roots in the deep chemical knowledge and working expertise of one of the partner, Enzo Parolin.

After getting a degree as colorist, he worked as a R&D technician for colored plastic sheets and then was been promoted to technical sales of colorants and additives by one of the biggest multinational companies in Italy.

With this opportunity the hypothesis of making an innovative product became real.

Working with many diverse companies, Enzo understood the continuous evolution of the polymers market, despite still in its infancy, due to the fast and frequent scientific and technological innovations.

In particular, he was interested in a new encapsulating process for pigments, later named ‘masterbatch’, still unknown and not really used by the plastic industry, but yet with a huge potential to solve those many technical problems derived by the use of pigments in powder.

The time was right, since the industry of colors was only focused on selling of pure single pigments, unwilling to invest in such new project (this ‘traditional’ way of coloring

was paying high premiums to chemical companies, leaving unanswered the demands for flexibility and personalization).

After years of studies and trials, Enzo managed to formulate the first ‘masterbatch’ getting successes as time went by.

The many obstacles along the road were just a drive and a stimulus for the the founders of Gaypa: thanks to their stubbornness of their ideas, they continued to bring competence and commitment in their products.

They made Gaypa grow and become a very well known company in Italy and abroad.