Colori e additivi dal 1972

«Colour is the organizational chart of any social and mental life: it declines space and time, coordinates knowledge and creates systems within it. Colours is always art of memory. However it is an art that changes from one society to another, which mutates with time.» (Pastoreau)

Over the years at Gaypa we strived to expand also to new horizons in the international market: even though we can be defined “multinational” in its literal meaning, thanks to our history we have an ethical moral conduct based on family principles.

This makes us aware of the wealth of our employees: with them we benefitted of the years of economic prosperity; for them, during crisis, we fought with all our strength, so that they could continue to enjoy a stable job; to them we offer continuous possibilities of professional growth.

This makes us reliable partners to our clients: with them we establish a relationship founded on honesty, transparency and respect; for them we seek cutting-edge technical solutions capable to fix production process issues; to them we offer all our know-how even after the sale of the product.

This makes us morally responsible even towards our clients’ clients: with them we define standards of excellence; for them we study and refine masterbatch production methodologies, with no compromise on toxic chemicals; to them we indirectly offer products of the highest quality and ecologically sustainable for safeguarding public health.